potty training with nanny

Dear DNB,

My daughter is getting ready to graduate from Diaper Daycare to Underwear University! My full-time caregiver is going to play a big role in this process. What are your tips for potty training? 


Diaper Debacle 

Dear Diaper Debacle,

Congratulations to your daughter, graduating class of 2020! We’ll be sure to do everything we can to help her graduate with the freshest honors. Here is DNB’s syllabus for Potty Training 101. 

Pick a method and stick to it.

If you do a simple Google search, you’ll learn that there are approximately one million ways to potty train a child. Sticker charts, potty songs, underwear with cartoon characters…the list goes on. Use a few resources and pick the technique that resonates the most with you. 

Now, stick to that technique! If you switch methods from week to week because you’re worried it’s not working, it will just confuse your child. Instead, choose one method and give them time to respond to it. 

Be consistent. 

Question: What happens if your method differs from your caregiver’s? 

Answer: Nothing. Progress stagnates and the diaper debacle continues. 

Just like all other rules and expectations that we set for our children, the most important part is consistency. Make sure that both you and your caregiver are using the same potty training method so that your child knows what’s expected regardless of who they’re with. This will help to eliminate confusion for you child and keep progress steady. 

Be patient. 

Just because Perfect Polly next door potty-trained her son before he was even walking, doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your child taking a bit longer. Even if one of your children takes a week and the other takes two years, don’t stress. Every child is unique, so don’t beat yourself up if the process isn’t as fast as you’d hoped. As long as you and your caregiver are being consistent in your approach, your child will learn where and when to go to the bathroom. 

Just book lots of date nights to destress until that Diaper Debacle ends!