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Nanny (Part-Time or Full-Time)

$500 search fee
$4500 placement fee

Date Night Sitter or 1-Day Backup Nanny

$50 daily agency fee
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Family Application Form

Are you looking for your dream caregiver? You’re in the right place! Please tell us about your family below and we’ll reach out to get started ASAP.



Is there a minimum amount of time I can book?

Yes. Each booking has a 4-hour minimum.

What type of background checks do you perform on your caregivers?

When placing nannies, the safety and well-being of the children is our primary concern. That’s why we conduct a background check on all candidates upon hire.

How long has Date Night Boutique been in business?

We have been matching families with dream caregivers since 2010.

Not quite ready to commit?

We get it — introducing someone new into your family is a big decision. But that’s exactly what we’re here for. Please feel free to contact us. We’d love to listen to your concerns and would be happy to talk them through together.

What the neighbors are saying

DNB is a must have for any busy family so we, parents, can get our date nights in! They are so professional and super easy to work with. The nannies and family assistants they provide are truly compassionate and reliable and I highly recommend them for all your childcare needs. I have used them for full-time, permanent nannies, as well as for impromptu dates with my hubby! Love this premiere nanny service.

Delfani Family, Chicago

DNB has helped our family out with so many last-minute requests! They are lifesavers!

Montgomery Family, Chicago

Date Night Boutique is such a personal service that strives to really know the skills and talents of sitters to match with the unique needs of families. So reliable and I always meet awesome people!

Tong Family, Chicago