Dear DNB,

Summer has barely started and my kids are already over my Pinterest ideas. Do your nannies ever come up with creative ideas that I can try with my kiddos? 


Bored in The House

Dear Bored,

Fear not!

Here are a few of my favorite summer activities that families have loved over the years. I can’t guarantee your kids won’t get bored of these ideas, but hopefully they’ll be entertained for a little while longer.

Chalk Alphabet Hide-and-Soak

  • Write each letter of the alphabet with chalk somewhere outside for your kids to find (on your mailbox, the sidewalk, on a pot, a tree stump, etc.).
  • Give each child a bucket of water and a paintbrush (or squirt guns, water spray bottles, etc.).
  • Tell them to go find and erase the letters with their water method of choice!

Frozen Toy Rescue

  • Fill a plastic tupperware container with water.
  • Add small plastic toys.
  • Put a lid on the container and place it in your freezer.
  • Once the toys are frozen, remove the ice block from the container (running it under warm water for a few seconds helps) and tell your kids to go rescue their toys!

Note: Safety goggles are a must for this one, especially if — hypothetically — your kids get tired of using wooden hammers and decide to throw the ice on the ground instead.

Bubble Foam I-Spy

(Image Source: Busy Toddler)

  • Mix a generous dollop of bubble bath with water in a big plastic bin or water table. Food coloring optional.
  • Whisk the solution into stiff peaks with a hand mixer.
  • Hide a bunch of small toys in the bubbles and tell the kids you spy a certain toy so they have to find it.

Rainy Day Alphabet Hide-and-Seek

  • Write the entire alphabet on a big roll of paper, from A to Z.
  • Write each letter of the alphabet on individual post-it notes.
  • Hide the post-it notes all over your house.
  • Tell them to go find each letter. When they find a letter, they should stick it to the corresponding letter on the roll of paper.

Good luck!


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