holiday gift ideas for nanny

Dear DNB,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wake me up when it’s over, please. Finding the perfect gift for my husband and my children is hard enough, but at least I’ve done it before. We just hired our first nanny in March, and I have no idea what holiday gift to buy for her. Help!


Hectic Holidays

Dear Hectic Holidays,

The first thing to do is to take a deep breath. It’s the holidays, after all! This is a time to be cozy and calm, not wild and worried! DNB has the solution to help you find the best gift for your nanny. The most important thing is to show her how much she’s appreciated and loved in your family. 

First, let’s discuss the holiday bonus. This is an industry standard regardless of whether or not you’d like to buy a gift for your nanny. Typically, families give one to two weeks worth of full-time pay as a bonus. Giving a monetary holiday bonus is the norm in the nanny industry. 

If a monetary bonus and a gift is too much for your budget, don’t worry about it. Gifts are a fun way to show your appreciation, but they are completely optional. A card will do just fine. If you would like to buy a gift for your nanny, here are some simple but special gift ideas that we think any nanny would love. 

1. Vin et fromage

Create a wine and cheese basket for your nanny for her to enjoy with her loved ones. You can keep it simple with one nice bottle, a specialty cheese, and a unique jam or spread. Or, you can be a bit more extravagant with a selection of two or three bottles, a variety of cheeses and crackers, and some jam and grapes. This classy gift will definitely bring a smile to your nanny’s face as she indulges on a cozy winter evening. 

2. Vanity for her vehicle

Your nanny commutes to your home every day, so why not make her drive a bit more enjoyable? Buy some soft and stylish seat covers for your nanny’s car, and she will use and appreciate her gift every day of the week. Or, if you’d prefer, a gift certificate for car detailing will be much appreciated by any caregiver who uses her own vehicle for work. 

3. Culinary queen

If your nanny loves to cook and get creative in the kitchen, create a cooking set for her. Buy a few herb-infused oils and flavored vinaigrettes, and find some unique spice blends for both savory and sweet creations. Arrange all of these items in a beautiful serving bowl, and you have a gift that your nanny will just eat up! 

4. Spa experience

As a parent, you know that your nanny has one of the toughest jobs out there. Encourage her to take some time for herself with an at-home spa experience. Buy a plush robe, some warm slippers, a luxurious lotion, and a couple of face masks. She’ll just need to supply the cucumbers for her eyelids! 

Hopefully one of these gift ideas sounds like something your nanny would love. Remember, it’s all about showing her that the work she does is seen, valued, and appreciated.