nanny agency service benefits

Dear DNB,

I am in the market for a nanny. I recently had my baby boy, and it will be time for me to go back to work soon. I’ve heard wonderful things about your services from my friends, but I’ve also heard that people have had success just doing a search on their own. What are the benefits of using an agency?


On the Fence

Dear On the Fence,

The benefit of using a professional agency like DNB is simple: it makes the process easier for you. 

What kind of caregiver do you want for your baby boy? Someone educated? Strong references? Cheery disposition? Reliable? Related to Mary Poppins? How about someone you know will adopt your family values when she’s in your home? 

DNB only works with caregivers that meet these criteria. So, when we start the process, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that those basic requirements can be taken for granted and you can concentrate on finding the perfect fit for your family.

If you were to do the search on your own, you’d have to find the time to recruit and screen each individual, check references, coordinate interviews, ask the right questions, and negotiate salary. DNB has done that work for you.

When you choose to work with a professional agency, it’s easy to hop right into finding the perfect caregiver. While every caregiver on our team is incredible, every family is unique, so we’ll need to find the right fit. On our end, we’ll only offer you candidates that we feel would be the perfect fit. We’ll include their official application materials for your review and consideration. From there, you can review their application materials and decide who you’d like to meet in person.

After meeting in person, you’ll make your decision about who to hire as a caregiver for your child. It’s really as simple as that!

DNB takes the confusion and stress out of the equation by only presenting you with the highest caliber, qualified candidates that have been screened specifically for your family. With this personalized service, you can feel safe and supported throughout the entire process.

Finally, the benefit of working with an agency is the ongoing support. If anything ever comes up, you always have DNB’s support. We will work with both you and your caregiver to find solutions and ensure the best outcome for everyone. Our priority will always be you.