coronavirus and childcare

Dear DNB,

This coronavirus pandemic is terrifying. What do we need to do with our nanny to keep everyone safe?


Scared in Scottsdale

Dear Scared in Scottsdale,

This virus is no joke. As always, safety is a top priority at DNB. We are instructing caregivers to do what they normally do, but with extra vigilance:

  • Wash your hands and the children’s hands before eating and after using the restroom or changing diapers
  • Use hand sanitizer if you’re unable to use soap and water
  • Disinfect surfaces and toys
  • If you’re sick, stay home

It’s a good idea to remind your caregiver that she has paid sick days available if she needs them. Offering paid leave allows your caregiver to stay home when experiencing symptoms instead of taking a chance to pay the bills.

While you can’t force your nanny to quarantine herself while she’s not working, you can ask her to adhere to C.D.C. guidelines. You can also make it easier for her to follow them:

  • Offer to get her groceries delivered instead of going into a grocery store
  • Tell her she can do laundry at your house instead of heading to a laundromat
  • Mention how many religious services are now offered online

And if your sitter does get sick, it’s perfectly okay to ask for a doctor’s note certifying that she’s safe to return to work.

Stay healthy, everyone. As always, we’re ready to be your lifesaver when you need us.

Love, DNB